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Herbs to improve and increase Fertility in Men

Introduction: Herbs to improve male fertility

Creation for men is a Male Fertility supplement to increase and support Men's sperm count. The supplement 120 CT gives sperm an increased motility during fertilization of the ovum. This in turn gives the couple a much better chance of conceiving a child.

Herbs to improve male fertility

Many men who are trying to have a baby with their partners take Creation and all of them say that they feel an increase of energy after a couple of weeks. The product contains L-Arginine, 1-Deoxynojirimycin (DNJ). Arginine is an amino acid often used in weight management. In the body it changes into nitric acid and is a powerful neuro transmitter, improving circulation to all areas. Which means it increases the blood flow to the penis during an erection. Deoxy nojirimycin is produced from D-Glucose in various plants and is a totally natural supplement often derived from Mulberry leaves. It can suppress blood glucose in the male following intercourse, if the male is a diabetic, or overweight this is of significant benefit in assisting attempts at conception.

Antioxidants containing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, selenium, lycopene and zinc are also contained and shown to have benefits in protecting sperm and improving male fertility.


Fertility Rates over 40 years of age

As women and men get older their rates of fertility decline. Many couples do not get together until they are 40 and by the time they decide to have a child it is often too late to conceive easily. The expectation now is that although the potential to have a child decreases, the couple hope to have a child anyway. Often they have to use IVF in order to achieve this and the process is costly.

So this makes products like Creation for men all the more sought after. We have heard about older men in their 80s having a child, in reality this is rare. A Father's age also affects the chances of pregnancy occurring. For some reason, the risk of miscarriage in women is higher when they have a Male partner older than 45 years. Changes in the sperm can damage genetic material in older men, and this may give rise to genetic abnormalities. Because a women is born with all the eggs she will ever have, there is a definite time limit on natural conception for women.

Male fertility is much more readily supported by taking some herbs and supplements and this is where Creation for men is essential to support the male in his attempts to conceive.


Herbs, with contents to improve Men's Fertility

The ' having a baby project', especially in the over 40s needs to be approached scientifically if you have been unable to conceive naturally this is what you do. Six months before conception date, the Male should commence a course of Creation for men supplements, order a lot because you will be taking the supplement for at least a year, maybe longer as nothing can be left to chance and we are trying to help you increase the motility and volume of the sperm. Also include the following herbal supplements in your diet.


Herbal supplement list

Sometimes male fertility problems are blamed on lifestyle decisions, smoking and excessive drinking, in order to improve fertility try the following herbs.

Vitamin E

Vitamin C


Ginseng, to increase the sperm count

Maca, men who consume Maca regularly have greater sperm motility

Tribulus, to improve sperm count

Saw Palmetto, a herb to increase male fertility

Ashwagandha, to boost hormonal balance in the body

Shisandra another herb to increase hormonal balance

The last 5 are quite rare and may require some clarification.


Herbs to improve male fertility

  • Maca is a plant grown in the Andes at high altitude and is similar to a radish, it may be hard to get.
  • Tribulus is a plant, known as a libido enhancer and for urinary tract health
  • Saw Palmetto, a type of palm used to treat enlarged prostate and decreased sex drive.
  • Ashwaganda, is an ancient medicine said to have many properties it helps fight depression and relieves anxiety.
  • Shisandra A red berry fruit native to China it is a herb to increase male fertility.
  • Ginseng is a root vegetable which has been proven to improve erectile dysfunction, an ancient remedy based in Chinese medicine

Once you have been on some of these treatments for six months, you should be ready to try to conceive, but as you can see it all takes time. During this period you will have given up smoking and cut back on your alcohol intake. You will also be taking your daily dose of Creation a supplement for male fertility. Have a healthy diet, and if you need to, lose a bit of weight. Your partner will be doing similar things and implementing a similar strategy.

This will give your prospective baby the best start in life.

Sometimes all this takes a bit longer than expected so be prepared to stay on the regimen for longer if necessary, this is a big commitment and not everyone will be able to keep it up, but for those who really want a child it is worth it.


Creation for Men to improve Male Fertility

Becoming a parent can be one of the hardest things we ever do, and perhaps a slight difficulty in conceiving prepares us for what lies ahead. Our lives are forever changed not to mention the changes a women's body goes through in the process. The more reading that both parties do on the subject the better. Once a baby is born it is quite demanding and requires our full attention and care, so it is a good idea for both parents to attend some classes in the antenatal period.



Once you have prepared your body for conception, and achieved your aim you can look forward to the arrival of your new baby and spend your last days together as a couple. You will be so grateful that you gave your body the best possible chance with Creation for Men which has helped you so much.