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Increase Your Sperm Count through Exercise

How many times have you scrolled through social media and come across an ad that tells you how you need how to get fit? Let me guess, countless times. Then you promise yourself that on Monday you're going to start the gym, Monday comes, and another Monday comes, and you still haven't signed up to that gym membership. We get it, exercise demands, physical effort, and a lot of it. The stress and rush of daily life, and costly gym memberships can be a little off-putting too. But, exercise can be enjoyable, it doesn't have to be limited to the gym, and you probably already know that it comes with a long list of health benefits, both physically and mentally.


But what you may not know is how it affects certain aspects of your health. For example, how it affects the quality of your semen. If you are on your journey to becoming a father, then read on to learn how you can improve your male fertility with exercise and what type of exercise you should do.


Firstly, if you have been physically inactive for a while, or suffer from any chronic health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease, you should consult with your doctor first.


If you're someone who doesn't enjoy physical activities but needs to improve their fertility, you'll be pleased to know that exercising to improve your fertility does not have to be an odious task. In fact, the total opposite, putting your body through rigorous training regimens actually decreases your sperm count. Therefore, finding the right balance in exercising is key.


A six-month study conducted on 261 men by Allameh Tabatabai University in Iran, found that those who did moderate-intensity training not only decreased their weight and body fat percentage but also, improved their sperm count and benefited from the effects the longest.


Cardiovascular - swimming, hiking, jogging are perfect if you don't like actually going to the gym, it helps to improve the condition of your heart and elevates blood flow throughout the body, which in turn strengthens erections and reduces toxins in the testicles, more exercise, better erections and an improved sperm count, an all-round winner! So get swimming to help your swimmers.


Weightlifting - a study, from the Journal of Human Reproduction, reported that 42% of men who lifted weights had a higher sperm count than those who didn't lift weights. By putting large muscle groups into work, like glutes, hamstrings and quads, is particularly helpful in boosting testosterone levels. So get lifting those weights and don't skip out on leg day again, if you are a newbie then you can try resistance bands first before diving into weights.


Team Sports - If you're just getting started with your exercise and find going to the gym daunting then you should consider taking up things like kayaking, badminton, basketball, volleyball etc. You get your heart rate pumping all while socialising and having fun!

Remember, if you take up a sport where there is a risk of being hit in the groin area, such as football or hockey, then make sure you wear proper protection below the belt, protect them at all costs!


Exercising just three times a week for around 45 minutes is enough to have a positive effect on reproductive hormones and semen quality, motility and volume.



So, now that we have determined why you should exercise and what exercises you should do, is exercising alone enough to improve male fertility? Well, the short answer is no.


For example, you know, smoking is terrible for your health, and if you smoke you should really seriously consider quitting regardless of whether you are planning parenthood or not. Coffee is the survival mechanism that gets us through the day, but it causes havoc on your sperm if you consume too much of it, the good news is you don't have to go without it completely, one cup of coffee a day is fine, phew! Also, really limit your alcohol intake as well.


You should aim to incorporate things into your diet such as Goji berries (a superfood for increasing sperm), oysters, vegetables, walnuts and Brazil nuts are also superfoods for improving male fertility plus make sure you stay hydrated to flush out toxins so you can help your swimmers be more mobile. Avoid things like processed meats, fried foods and soy products at all costs no matter how tempted you are.


The next step is to Invest in high-quality supplements which help to improve male fertility along with your exercise routine and diet. Our product Creation for Men is an excellent supplement as it contains all-natural ingredients known to boost male fertility such as, Zinc, Tongkat Ali, L-Arginine, Ginseng and Maca all of which have been proven to increase libido and improve sperm quality our supplement is the perfect complement to your sperm enhancing exercise regimen.


It shouldn't come as a complete surprise to you that bad lifestyle habits such as diet and smoking have an enormous impact on male fertility. In fact, there is a common belief that infertility is simply just a woman's health issue. The American Pregnancy Association recorded that male infertility was a cause of 30% of all infertility cases. Additionally, promising research also suggests even those with low sperm quality who were still able to conceive had an increased risk of miscarriage.


Having said that, making those minuscule dietary changes, and taking your Creation for Men supplements along with your moderate exercise routine will impact your overall health in a tremendously positive way. More importantly, you will feel so much happier too.


Just remember to not overdo it, listen to your body, do your research, find what exercise program best works for you, think positive and enjoy every moment of your journey to better health, happiness and fatherhood.