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Restoration to Combat the Causes of Black Nails

The toenails have very specific functions and although it may not seem so, they are of great importance in our body, both aesthetically and on a functional level.

The change of appearance, the cracking, the irregularity in its growth, the one that present pain are warnings of the organism that the things are not well.

The alarms that they transmit by means of symptoms that sometimes we ignore, are aspects that we must take into account to maintain them healthy and well.

The change in color tone is one of these alarms to which we will give special attention, so we will talk about the causes of black toenail, but before we inform you that in relation to the problems of the toenails we at Viva Nutra seek the transformation of the products, to provide welfare to the health of people.

Viva Nutra's offers are oriented to present products that are elaborated with world-class ingredients, and are the result of research that is carried out by natural explorers who feel a great passion for the healthy components that nature offers us.

Some black toenail causes

Constant trauma

Subjecting our toenails to continuous friction like those of a marathon runner, or of extensive running competitions, or track athletics and even those of joggers for pleasure, the repeated banging of the feet against the pavement causes a negative effect on the toenails.

In addition to this, wearing very tight or exaggeratedly large sports shoes, or shoes that are not suitable for the activity being carried out, aggravates the mistreatment caused to the nails, making this sports practice one of the causes of black toenail.

The change caused in the color of the nail can be classified in levels, it can be slight presenting a tone to black or blue and with absence of pain.

It can also turn to a severe level, where the nail plate turns from black to purple causing bleeding and blistering between the plate and nail matrix.

When the change in color is slight, it is enough to have good hygiene and give the nails a rest, trying not to wear shoes during these periods so as not to aggravate the injury.

If, on the contrary, the injury is at the serious level, the blisters cause a partial separation of the nail plate from the nail matrix causing great pain, and if this separation is total, the nail plate will be lost.

The total loss of this plate, which is the nail properly speaking, will release the pain, but the new nail can take up to a year to grow back.

The biggest risk that this causes black toenail is that the area of the toe underlying the nail is infected, in these cases we at Viva Nutra recommend the intake of Restoration Immune Probiotic, our probiotic mixture that will prevent these affected nails from being attacked by fungi.

Direct hits on the nail

This can happen in the most unexpected ways, you hit a door, a blunt object falls on your nail, very common in work accidents, that is why we recommend safety boots with metal tips.

These blows cause the blood vessels that form the bruises in the nail matrix to break, causing the nail to turn purple or black.

To relieve the throbbing that these bruises cause, you can apply ice to the nail to reduce swelling and take Restoration Immune Probiotic tablets that will provide you with live probiotic microorganisms that will protect you from fungal infection in the bruised nail.

Fungal infection

Is the most delicate and most common cause of black toenail and should be attacked early to avoid serious damage to the health and well-being of this part of the body.

If you have any of these symptoms you may be suffering from Onychomycosis,

This disease has peculiarities that allow its recognition, such characteristics can be:

-Increased nail thickness

-Fragile and flaky nail

-Shape abnormality

-It turns black

-Disgusting smell

Why do toenails contract these fungi?

-Weak immune system

-Advanced age

-People with athlete's foot

-Excessive sweating on the feet is a breeding ground for contracting them.

-Skin diseases like psoriasis.

-Disease of diabetes.

-Traffic without shoes in humid places such as gardens, paths, swimming pools, changing rooms, gyms, bathrooms.

The most common fungi are dermatophytes, yeasts and also moulds.

There are treatments with higher efficiency than topical treatments, we at Viva Nutra provide the solution for these conditions, Restoration Immune Probiotic is in the Viva Nutra offers to combat the causes of black toenail.

Restoration Immune Probiotic blend is made by us at Viva Nutra the three values that support us in our vision to provide the best products for the benefit of health

And these are Quality, transparency and honesty, we take great pride in providing you with authentic health care, with the benefits of taking Restoration Immune Probiotic.

When the probiotics that we at Viva Nutra place at your disposal through Restoration Immune Probiotic are consumed properly, they contribute to your health with the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium bacteria, which are related to probiotic activity.

Restoration Immune Probiotic provides your body with billions of live cultures of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, to balance the organisms in your intestine.

Viva Nutra's offerings for black toenail causes are comprised of a Restoration Immune Probiotic package of 60 vegetarian capsules that are coated so that the substance inside is not released before it reaches the intestine, where it will be easily absorbed without damaging the stomach acid flora.

With the consumption of Restoration Immune Probiotic capsules the organism creates mechanisms that will prevent the appearance of pathogenic bacteria, avoiding infectious diseases, and facilitating the production of lactic acid to metabolize glucose and produce energy.

The Restoration Immune Probiotic that we at Viva Nutra supply maintains the permeability of the intestines, hindering the passage of microorganisms and substances into the bloodstream.

It also decreases the time of elimination of rotavirus, the production of lymphocytes with the consumption of Restoration is increased and the immune system is notably boosted.

Subungual Melanoma

Is another possible cause of black toenail, in skin cancer it is the most serious form, it usually occurs in the nail matrix below the nail plate.

It is difficult to detect because of the initial characteristic of painlessness, fortunately it is not so common and is curable if detected early.