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Rejuvenation to Restore your Hair

There comes a time in nearly everyone's life when hair thins out and does not look like it used to. This is good time to commence Rejuvenation a regrow hair treatment which you will find most beneficial in stimulating the hair growth.


Rejuvenation multi Collagen Peptides+ absorption enhancer

This is a blend of supplement to assist in anti-aging of hair and once you take a course, you will begin to notice the results.


What causes Hair loss leading to the need for Regrow Hair Treatment?

Several conditions can cause hair loss and this is particularly distressing for women. Pregnancy can cause changes to, and loss of hair

this is because so many vitamins and minerals go into the fetus and leave the mother depleted. Thyroid conditions and anaemia can also cause hair loss. In men hair loss is often genetic and comes from your parents. Certain medications can also cause hair loss in men. Alopecia or patchy hair loss often starts suddenly and may result in total baldness, this condition occurs in both women and men.

If you have any of these conditions you would need to consult a Medical Doctor, but once your health is under control it will be time to commence your regrow hair treatment, Rejuvenation to get your hair back to normal as quickly as possible. Some men start to lose hair as early as their late teens and if a supplement is started at this time it will help to prevent further hair loss. Because it is usually seen as a middle age problem for men, most younger men would not think about seeking treatment so early, but to prevent further hair loss is definitely a consideration in this younger group who usually see the start of hair loss as a receding hairline.

If your hair is lost because of alopecia this is an immune related deficiency and it will normally grow back within two or three years, this is a long time for a young women and many people decide to get a wig to wear until the hair returns to normal. This is another good time to go on a long course of oral Rejuvenation.


What is in your Supplement to regrow Hair Treatment?

The supplement is available in a capsule or a powder and the peptides contained in the product help to rejuvenate hair and can even help with weight loss. The Collagen is a protein found naturally in connective tissue, there are a lot of different forms of collagen and one of them supports strength and growth of the hair. As we get older our bodies produce less collagen so if your hair is thinning you will need a supplement, Rejuvenation will help provide the collagen and peptides that you require. In order to support this process a diet rich in vitamin C is recommended, oranges, kiwi fruit, broccoli and brussels sprouts are all rich in C vitamin.. Once you change to a vitamin C rich diet and have a recommended dose of your supplement daily you should notice that the quality of your hair is improving, but this will be gradual and may take a long time.

Both men and women will benefit from the vitamin C rich diet as well as taking the supplement, preferably for a long time.


What weakens Hair?

Keeping your hair healthy and growing is a lifelong project, and other environmental factors like colouring your hair and bleaching will cause the hair shaft to break and in some cases the hair will fall out. Get the ends of your hair trimmed off about every six weeks, as this will reduce the splitting and help your hair to bounce back again. Some topical products like conditioner and treatments also help the hair, but the main regrow treatment comes from within in the form of Rejuvenation for hair. Here at VivaNutra we offer a wide range of health supplements which are natural and organic and free from allergy causing agents. The hair range Rejuvenation will keep your hair in great condition and winter is always a good time to take a hair supplement as it is a time when the hair does not grow as quickly and can become brittle and dull.

The other time that your hair can become brittle is in mid Summer when we tend to swim a lot. If you are going into a Chlorine Pool always wear a bathing cap, as Chlorine will weaken the hair shaft and cause it to break off.


Restoring your Hair with regrow hair treatment.

The constant rebalancing of your hair health with courses of Rejuvenation should show excellent results with a course in both Summer and Winter, take some photos of your hair and then you will have comparisons of how it is tracking. If you have had any illnesses that cause hair loss it may be safer to stay on the product for a year. Sadly our hair reflects our general health and is the first part of our body to visually show stress when our immune system is under attack. Once we understand this we are able to work on the problem by restoring our inner balance and how proudly we are to offer our product Rejuvenation available to us. The peptides and collagen contained in the supplement will give the hair a boost when illness strikes and for a lot of us who work constantly in the public eye it is part of our job description to be always looking our best. If this means regularly taking supplements most of us are more than happy to comply.



Sometimes our children will also show signs of having weak and brittle hair. If this continues it may be worth having a laboratory analysis of the hair by a specialist. This test will show which supplements could best benefit your child in order to strengthen the hair and bring them back to optimal health, A full dietary assessment can be based on this type of test and you may find that a few nutrients are lacking in the child's diet causing the hair to look dull.