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Make Your Toenails Look Beautiful, Fungus-Free with Restoration

Both women's and men's toenails must be well cared for, not only for aesthetics, but to keep them healthy for our well-being.


Although biologically nails are considered as atavistic remains, that is, they come genetically from past generations, they fulfill specific functions in the organism.


The functions of the nails include protection, sensitivity, scratching, aesthetics and others. When a chronic infection is contracted, the nails are prevented from fulfilling these functions.


The toenails are formed by a structure composed of an epidermal layer that protrudes from the nail fold until it adheres to the dorsal plate. It fulfills the function of protecting the nail matrix, blocking the passage of microbes and irritating substances.


Other components of the nails are a skin crest that separates the subungual structure from the finger pulp called Distal Cleft, the epithelial layer that is under the nail plate is the nail bed and allows the adhesion of the nail plate, that is the nail itself, the Hyponychium formed by a skin part from the distal cleft to the end of the nail bed.


The Lunula is the pale, epithelial part formed by cells joined together in a narrow way to form a kind of lamina, its name is due to the crescent shape.


The component that is across the nail is called the Nail Matrix, the Nail Plate is the biconvex structure that grows throughout the life of the person its function is that of the nail, manipulation and tactile perception, and finally the structure that borders the nail and is called Folds.


Knowing all this, we must understand that the diseases that severely affect this part of our bodies, one of the most frequent is Onychomycosis, which is nothing more than nail fungus.


This disease has peculiarities that allow its recognition, such characteristics can be:

  • Increase in the thickness of the nail
  • Scaling and fragility
  • Take abnormal shapes
  • Dark color trend
  • They have an unpleasant smell

Causes of Toenail Fungus

  • Age is a possible cause of fungal infections. As a person ages, their nails become more fragile and can often crack, becoming a weak spot for the fungus to enter.
  • Weak immune system and poor blood circulation are a factor in fungal attack to the toenails.
  • Suffering from athlete's foot is another common cause for the appearance of these fungi.
  • Excessive sweating of the feet is a breeding ground for contracting the
  • Skin diseases like psoriasis.
  • Disease of diabetes.
  • Travel barefoot in damp places such as gardens, swimming pools, changing rooms, gyms.


These fungal infections are produced in the toenails by a variety of fungal organisms, fungi, the most common being the so-called dermatophytes, yeasts and also molds.


Fortunately there are treatments of a higher efficiency than topical treatments, we at Viva Nutra have the solution for these annoying and unpleasant conditions, Restoration Immune Probiotic is the most effective way to treat toenail fungus.


Restoration Immune Probiotic is a probiotic blend specially formulated for people with toenail fungus.


Health Benefits of Taking Restoration Immune Probiotic

Probiotics are living organisms, which when consumed in adequate quantities and mixtures provide a great benefit to our health. Among the bacteria that are most closely related to probiotic activity are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.


Aware of this situation we at Viva Nutra have developed Restoration Immune Probiotic to provide your body with billions of live cultures of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which normally balance the organisms in your intestine.

Viva Nutra's offerings for treating toenail fungus with FET (fast, efficient and timely) technique consist of a 60-capsule bottle of Restoration Immune Probiotic with a coating that does not allow the release of this drug until it is inside the small intestine, so it can be easily absorbed. This coating is water-based, to maintain the protection of the flora from stomach acid.


Ingesting Restoration Immune Probiotic capsules provides your body with a mechanism of inhibition against pathogenic bacteria that cause infectious diseases, promotes the production of lactic acid produced by metabolizing glucose for energy.

It also decreases the permeable capacity of the intestines preventing microorganisms and substances from reaching the bloodstream, reduces the time to eliminate rotavirus, increases the production of lymphocytes providing improvements in the immune system.


We at Viva Nutra guarantee that the probiotic microorganisms present in the Restoration Immune Probiotic no capsules are by nature non-pathogenic, cannot be destroyed by technological procedures, have high resistance to destruction by gastric juices and bile, and adhere easily to the walls of the intestinal epithelium.


These probiotics colonize the gastrointestinal tract producing antimicrobial substances.

Acidophilus, Lactis, Plantarum and Paracasei are the four strains of probiotics that we use in our mixtures. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium have the ability to secrete natural antibiotics.


By means of different mechanisms our probiotics provide your body with special care and prevention to treat toenail fungus, since the protection and combat is done from the inside out.


The recommendations we make at Viva Nutra is that once you have healed with the treat toenail fungus that our product will provide you with extreme satisfaction, continue with a preventive routine by consuming our supplements, and we leave you with some additional tips to prevent fungal infection in your toenails.

  • Frequently wash your hands and feet
  • Cut your nails in a correct way, that the cut is straight, with a file it lowers the thicker areas and softens the edges.
  • Disinfect the implements you used to cut your nails immediately after use.
  • Use socks that can absorb sweat and change them daily.
  • Use shoes that allow the skin on your feet to breathe.
  • Don't use old shoes, and if you do use them, disinfect them with anti-fungal powders.
  • In swimming pool and changing room areas always wear shoes.
  • Minimize as much as possible the use of nail polish and the use of false nails.


Convince yourself that the presence of your nails is a very important part is like your business card, the appearance of your nails says a lot about your personality, and for you to look beautiful and healthy nails Viva Nutra indulges you with its unbeatable product Restoration Immune Probiotic.


If you evaluate the importance of the quality of our product and its cost-benefit ratio, you will understand that it is truly economical.


And remember, our health is priceless.