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Irish Sea Moss Helps to Heal Mind, Body and Soul

You've probably spent the past 6 months glued to your television, computer screen or phone wondering when it will end. Will anything ever be back to normal? Can I stop worrying about the coronavirus and pandemic? While we can't control what happens in the outside world, we do have a lot of control over what happens in our internal environment. We at Viva Nutra understand the importance of maintaining optimal health and ensuring that you are prepared for whatever it is you encounter. That's why we've developed an organic Irish sea moss blended with burdock and bladderwrack to help you achieve optimal health and be prepared for whatever you may encounter.


Irish sea moss has a long history of being a critical ingredient in ensuring a healthy immune system. Irish sea moss is derived from seaweed that grows along the coasts of North America as well as the U.K. and, not surprisingly, Ireland. Carageenan, as it is also known, has a long history of use as a folk medicine within these cultures. It's no surprise that it has been able to withstand the test of time given its many health-promoting properties. Irish moss is well-regarded for its viscous, sticky nature and with that has long been used to promote optimal lung function as well as to clear mucous from the airways, essential in getting rid of unwanted bacteria and viruses. Irish moss also has pronounced influence on the thyroid gland, essential in regulating metabolism and mood. Further mood enhancement occurs because of Irish sea moss' abundant supply of potassium, critical in helping to stabilize mood and provide optimal mental functioning. Each capsule in the Viva Nutra Regeneration Organic Sea moss blend offers 766 milligrams of Irish sea moss, providing an abundant dose of the vitalizing properties that Irish sea moss has long helped to deliver.


We at Viva Nutra aren't satisfied with just basic health, and the additional ingredients, including burdock and bladderwrack, ensure that you will find immediate and long-lasting results. Burdock has long been treasured in Traditional Chinese medicine for its health-giving attributes. Among them are its abundant store of antioxidants, necessary to prevent cell damage that can lead to the onset of disease, such as cancer, and the advanced aging of tissue. Burdock also helps to regulate blood sugar, a critical concern for those who have become more sedentary during these unprecedented times or who struggle with weight control. Another benefit is its ability to fight off infection and improve immune system health, much like Irish sea moss. Along with blood purification and reducing inflammation, burdock plays a critical and complementary role in Viva Nutra's Regeneration blend.


Bladderwrack, the other supporting ingredient with burdock and Irish sea moss, offers further benefits to enhance immune system functioning. As another type of seaweed, its natural abundance of iodine helps to stimulate proper thyroid functioning in much the same way as Irish sea moss. Another attribute it shares with Irish sea moss is its ability to stimulate immune system functioning, owing to its ability to reduce inflammation and improve digestion. What sets bladderwrack apart as an herbal remedy are its anti-aging properties and energy enhancement. Viva Nutra knows that optimal health and immune system functioning are just the foundations for a healthy well-being. Feeling energized and youthful are the goals of anyone striving to improve or maintain their health and well-being. By combining Irish sea moss with burdock and bladderwrack, Viva Nutra has managed to capture the life-enhancing properties these natural ingredients provide.


Providing healthful ingredients is not enough; you also want these ingredients to be sustainably sourced. Viva Nutra's Regeneration capsule is sourced from organic ingredients, providing immune system stimulation without compromising concern or well-being for the sake of unwanted synthetic additives or ingredients. Further, by being vegan and vegetarian friendly, you are ensured that your well-being does not require compromising your values or the well-being of other organisms. As it is wild-crafted and sourced from naturally growing plants, Viva Nutra has incorporated environmentally sustainable practices to not only ensure your health but that of the ecosystems that help us to thrive. The Regeneration capsule is made in the United States, which means that it is produced in a fair and equitable manner that you would expect from a product that promises to improve well-being. Irish sea moss, burdock and bladderwrack combined provide 102 trace minerals and nutrients, including Vitamins A, C, B, D and K as well as taurine, a trace amino acid. With so many powerful properties, its amazing that Viva Nutra's Regeneration capsule provides such performance without compromising your well-being or the planet's.


As convincing as this product may seem, we often feel daunted to regularly alter our habits to ensure prime health. By providing the Regeneration combination in a capsule, Viva Nutra has created a product that greatly facilitates healthy habits. The capsule can be taken by itself or combined in smoothies or with other liquid combinations, allowing you to enhance your favorite beverages and meals with an incredible, overall health stimulant. It's not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle when life can become so chaotic, but Viva Nutra's Regeneration capsules make it easy to get you the essential nutrients you need to function at your best.


With the vast array of supplements and additives that exist today, one is either daunted by the quantity or quickly tempted by overly hyped, novel ingredients. Quite often we overlook the old for the new and expect that artificial or orchestrated products will deliver a greater effect. Unfortunately, many overlook time, tested staples to healthful regimens. Irish sea moss, as well as burdock and bladderwrack, have withstood the test of time, helping to provide optimal immune system and thyroid functioning for generations. Moreover, these ingredients capture a plethora of essential and trace minerals and nutrients needed to look, feel and achieve one's best. By being organically sourced as well as vegan and vegetarian, the Regeneration capsule ensures that you will be consuming only the properties necessary to live your best. The convenient capsule allows ease and versatility so that you don't have to alter your lifestyle to live the life you want. If your goal is to make the most out of life and persevere, make Viva Nutra's Regeneration capsule a part of your life-enhancing routine.