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Improve your Quality of Life with Healthy Nails!

Did you know that your hands are an important focal point in your appearance, especially when you meet someone for the first time? According to a survey conducted in 2018, 40% placed their hands and nails on the 5 most important body parts they notice when they meet or talk to someone. This is due to the fact that people associate healthy nails with good personal hygiene. Thus, it is important to maintain your hands, specifically your nails, groomed, and healthy to give a good first impression.

Additionally, keeping your nails in good condition can also improve your overall health, even if you constantly paint or bite them. For this reason, let's show you how to maintain healthy nails and educate you on one of the best supplements in the market.


How to Know if your Nails are Healthy?

First of all, you must evaluate your nails' condition to know if they are healthy or prone to infections. Generally, all nails should have the following characteristics to consider them healthy-looking:

  1. The presence of clear cuticles ( is the small film of clear skin that is present at the base of the nail)
  2. Your nails have a pinkish color (which eludes to adequate blood flow)
  3. They have a white and crescent-shaped area at the nail bed, known as the lunula.
  4. Nails grow at even lengths without the presence of dents or creases.
  5. All the nails have the same shape, in regards to their white tips

The absence of the lunula is quite common in many people, but it rarely depicts a serious medical condition. However, you should always contact your local health professional as it can be an early sign of vitamin deficiency or malnourishment.

On the other hand, the presence of swollen skin around your nails or brownish nail plates can indicate a possible nail infection. Additionally, white-colored and splitting nails are a sign of iron deficiency and/or exposure to harsh chemicals. Other signs that you must take into consideration are horizontal creases, yellowish dents, and clubbed-shaped nails, as these can reveal systemic diseases.

How to Protect your Nails?

There are many approaches that you can incorporate in your daily routine to maintain healthy nails, that range from proper grooming techniques to consuming high-quality supplements. Believe me, they make all the difference in the world.

Refrain from Manipulating your Cuticles

Many people prefer to remove their cuticles in a nail salon because they look dry, but this does more harm than good. Your cuticles act as a natural barrier that protects the growing portion of your nails from trauma and infections. When you cut them, the nail root is practically exposed to the environment. Therefore, bacteria and fungus can easily spread to the nail bed and cause infections.

Additionally, you only worsen the condition of your cuticles as they become jagged, swollen, and red. Thus, it is best to not touch them or simply brush off the excess to avoid any damage.

Trim your Nails on a Regular Basis

Women love to paint their nails and keep them long to enhance their beauty and they achieve this dead-on. However, clipping your nails every now and then can keep them healthy over time. Long nails accumulate dirt, debris, and other types of residue under them Even more, painted nails obscure your vision as you are unable to see if you have any form of debris under them.

The dirt can buildup and reach the nail bed and contaminate it. Additionally, fungus infections are more prone to curved-shaped nails because they harbor more moisture. Remember that fungi grow in hot and humid places, which makes long and moist nails ideal for growth. The residue can also enter your body when you consume anything with your bare hands and lead to abdominal discomfort and gastrointestinal infections.

For this reason, it is recommended to trim your nails every two to three weeks and clean the underside at least twice a day.

Clean and Moisturize

Your nails are an extension of your skin that hardens to provide two main functions: protect your fingertips and improve the accuracy of your finger movements. Since you clean and moisturize your skin to keep it young and healthy, you should apply the same care to your nails. Many men and women complain that their nails are too brittle or break easily.

Believe it or not, one of the main causes of nail chipping or breaking is because of a lack of moisture. Dehydration weakens the support that the nail bed offers, while also reduce the nutrients it receives. Therefore, it can lead to chipping, splitting, and breaking.

Because of this, you should clean them properly with a nail brush and gently scrub them. Metal tools should always be sterilized before using them to avoid infections. Finally, dermatologists recommend applying moisturizer twice a day.

Consume Probiotic Supplements like Restoration

Your immune system plays an important role to keep your nails healthy and to protect them from potential infections and trauma. Nonetheless, not many people realize that proper gut health is linked to a strong immune system. Your digestive tract produces certain chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine, that fortifies your immune system and fights off bacteria, virus, and fungus.

Therefore, it is vital to consume probiotic supplements as these compounds keep your gut flora in optimal conditions and ensure that your body functions properly. One of the best probiotic supplements in the market is Restoration by Vivanutra. It contains four strains of probiotics that help inhibit bacteria and virus multiplication. Additionally, it can be used to improve fungus nails as it strengthens the immune system to fight off infections.

Restoration also has improved other dermatological conditions, like psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, as these diseases are associated with hyperactive immune systems. It should be noted that it is made with natural ingredients so your body receives all the benefits it needs. Complementing any nail treatment with this product will reduce the duration of the symptoms and give you healthier and more beautiful nails.

Your nails are more than just a part of your body; they improve your overall appearance and express how healthy you are. Therefore, you should take care of them properly.