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How Probiotics Fight Nail Fungus and Restore Your Nails to Health

Specially formulated Fungus supplement probiotics are particularly recommended for people suffering from nail Fungus,

Restoration is an oral probiotic for nail Fungus that just might be the answer to your problem.


What is Nail Fungus

Nail Fungus occurs in typically warm moist conditions it thrives in gyms, pools and other communal areas where people congregate. The Fungus spores enter the foot through a cut or tear in the nail and once they enter they proliferate across the whole nail bed and become established.

The fungus presents as a white/ yellow discolouration which becomes brittle and distorted in shape. Once under your nail it is very hard to get rid of.

Fungus is common in athletes, bike riders and joggers who wear enclosed shoes and become very warm, and it is sometimes called athlete's foot. It can occur at any age but is more common in adults and older people.

This is a blow to people who are looking for lustrous healthy nails just in time for Summer and once the Fungus is established it is going to take a while to cure. Fungus can also enter the finger nails and this can sometimes happen when attending a nail bar where inadequate infection control has been exercised, while sterilizing instruments. The fingernail area is also hard to treat and much more visible, so you want the Fungus gone.


How to treat nail Fungus

This is where Restoration a probiotic for nail fungus can help you. Probiotics and their role in restoring gut health and balance to our systems have become widely recognized over recent years, as our whole immune response is based in our gut and we need to stay healthy.

Restoration is a probiotic product that we have developed especially to fight nail fungus.


How Restoration works

Restoration is the probiotic for nail Fungus, the millions of microflora in our gut play an essential role in keeping us healthy and defending us from fungus.

This is where finding the right probiotic is so important and Restoration keeps the micro bacteria under control as it fights the fungus from inside your gut. It uses a blend of probiotics to defend against the Fungus, they are:

  • acidophilus
  •  lactis
  • planetarium
  •  paracasei

This combination works by eliminating the fungi in your body and if you continue to take it should ward of future attacks.

The capsule is easy to take and contains pure natural products approved by the FDA. Our team of chemists work hard to provide a unique product as toenail Fungus is known as a worldwide problem. It is better to attack it at the source rather to let it become established.

Most people take some form of probiotic, but what could be better than a formulated probiotic to ward of specific conditions, a probiotic for toenail Fungus makes good sense in creating a Fungus shield. The capsule comes in several strengths and sizes and it not expensive.


Care of the toenail

As your toenail starts to recover it is important to remove the dead skin and nail every week in order for your nail to regenerate. When you go to the locker room take some thongs to wear in the shower as you don't want any form of reinfection to occur. Also take your own towel and do not let your bare feet contact the floor. Cleanliness is important and if you are wearing enclosed shoes change your socks every day.


Restoration as a Probiotic

Probiotics have been in use for about 150 years, but obviously not in their current form, and acceptance of probiotic agents for even longer. Recently reading that early sea voyages of exploration back in 1700s the Sailors were given sauerkraut on the long voyages to prevent illness. Although they didn't know it this was an early form of probiotic. We have been using good bacteria in this way for a long time and this is where Restoration have harnessed the 'Evidence based Health' information to make a targeted probiotic to fight nail Fungus. The evidence has become much clearer since the year 2000 and we are moving in to a totally new era of targeted medicine.


Probiotic for nail Fungus

The natural ingredients in probiotics are targeted to go straight to the site where they are needed and our specially formulated nail Fungus probiotic should be taken in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The toenail area is a slow area to heal and therefore it is important to stay on the probiotic at least until the toenail has grown out fully as otherwise you will not have adequate defence against the bad bacteria which the fungus contains. Once the fungus has fully grown out it would be sensible to remain on the probiotic for as long as you are at risk from reinfection, because the probiotic is totally natural this can only be of benefit to you and the health of your nail. Sadly nail Fungus tends to distort the nail and it takes a long time to regain its strength and beauty, so it is much better to never get it initially.

Our Restoration Probiotic for nail Fungus is a wonderful product that will help your nails back to full health. So much time and effort goes into formulating any new medication. How lucky we are not to live in the 1700s when there was no medicine as we know it. Restoration have managed to produce a product that will be welcomed all over the world as nearly every country is warm and moist enough for some of the year to require a probiotic for nail Fungus. If you find that you are constantly developing nail Fungus you should see your Doctor as there could be other contributing health factors.

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