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How Does Age Affects Fertility and the Babies Health?

Fertility and Baby's Health Depends on The Biological Clock

The issue of fertility in men these days is increasingly common in conversations between individuals from various generations of men and women, particularly among people in their 40s and older. For a long time, it was a topic of conversation almost exclusively among women. One of the triggers of these conversations may be the fact that on the one hand, many couples have decided to defer having their children beyond the age of thirty. On the other hand, both men and women, (some couples may agree) have their priorities focused on college achievement or having their own business, having children in the meantime is not.


The truth is that the ideal time to procreate passes for everyone, and this same time is the one that later plays an important role when it comes to wanting to conceive offspring. The biological clock is a factor that affects both women and men. In women, perhaps the fact that in some the menopause arrives at an early age, around 45, makes them more aware of their time to have children, which stimulates their interest in the subject of fertility.


In men, perhaps the fact that many realize that the volume and quality of their reproductive nectar have diminished concerning their age as a boy, in their 20s, is what is encouraging many men to talk about their fertility. Some experts are concerned because they are in their forties and suspect that the quality of their semen may affect the health of the baby they are going to procreate.


Some studies on the subject reflect that all the above described is related to the pressures that the same society prints setting priorities, where educational and business achievements are above what implies raising a family, which induces many men and women to want to be parents after reaching their goals. They also reflect that as a result of these societal pressures, first-time couples' reproductive age is moving closer to the forties, resulting in declining birth rates and the age of new parents at first birth.


These same studies also indicate that many couples are having difficulty deciding to procreate because men in their 40s and older are looking for contemporary partners, making it difficult to conceive. This usually leads to a waiting period in which many individuals produce stress, which is one more ingredient that disrupts the desire to design and have a baby. On the other hand, studies are inconclusive about whether age is a cause of having children with disorders.


Besides, studies indicate that men in their 40s and 60s and older have hope of protecting their fertility and sexual potency. They may even be able to improve their sperm quality to increase their chances of conceiving a healthy baby. All of this, just by following a proper diet, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, minimizing stress and keeping the groin fresh, and helping the body with products created for men.


This situation leads many of these men to seek supplements that make them work. It makes them anxious and suspicious about the volume and quality of their semen. Some feel, and others are sure they don't have enough energy because their partners have told them or hinted at it. This makes them feel discouraged, and they begin to worry about the fact that they have a decreased frequency of intimacy, which increases their stress and makes their desire to have a child more difficult.


On the other hand, the most knowledgeable on the subject of fertility in men, know that the quality of their semen decreases over time, as a result of the same wear and tear on the body and the loss of its ability to generate certain hormonal secretions. This also leads them to seek help in some supplements to regain their energy levels and quality of life with their couples.


If what you have read so far about fertility has interested you and raised some concern, I encourage you to continue reading so you can find out how you can improve and take care of your fertility a little more than you think.

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