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13 Ways To Improve Male Fertility


It was once thought that the father's sperm did not play any part in the health of the pregnancy, but we now know that this is not true. So it is important that the father is in excellent health. Fertility declines with age in both males and females and in order to become pregnant, you may need some help. We will look at ways to increase male fertility.

13 Tips to Increase Male Fertility

      1. Firstly it is important that the father has a normal weight. Ask your Doctor to assess BMI to determine ideal weight. Before the pregnancy, his diet should be rich in antioxidants these include selenium, lycopene- tomatoes, and grapefruit. 
      2. A daily exercise routine, keep fit and healthy, 20-30 minutes per day of any aerobic exercise. To give the best chance of healthy conception.
      3. Take D-Aspartic Acid supplements to maximize sperm strength. Eat a good mix of fresh foods, fruit, and vegetables.
      4. Vitamin C and Zinc may help to maintain normal testosterone levels.
      5. Make sure that you get enough sleep at least 7 hours per night as it improves the quality of the sperm.
      6. Spend time outside to increase vitamin D levels and optimize the immune system and resistance to disease.
      7. Have more frequent sex around the time that ovulation is due to occur.
      8. Eliminate soy from the male diet, soy boosts female hormones.
      9. Smoking and drinking alcohol can damage your chance of pregnancy. This affects the motility and the quality of the sperm since sperm can be damaged by the chemicals in cigarettes.
      10. High temperatures can damage the sperm in the area of the scrotum. It also can cause damage to your motility and quality of the sperm.
      11. Go to the dentist and get a checkup, any dental decay can decrease the risk of conception.
      12. Male fertility decline is much more common after the age of 40 and there are many reasons why this might happen. Any illness including infections can affect the quality of the sperm.
      13. VivaNutra produces a Male Fertility Supplement for men, this product can be ordered online and may help with your fertility problems, and increase your chance of conception.


Sometimes fertility treatment for men is necessary to increase the chances of conception, and before conception, there is quite a lot that can be done to increase the chances of a healthy baby being born. 

Diet is also very important in conceiving and make sure that the Father to be has a normal weight range. Soy products should be eliminated from the male diet when pregnancy is planned. It is thought that soy has a significant effect on lower-than-average sperm count. It is also thought that eating tofu can actually lower the sperm count. This is where VivaNutra products may help you, so cut out the soy and start on the Herbal Fertility Supplement 'Creation for men' while still in the Pregnancy planning stages.

Smoking should also be given up by the male contemplating pregnancy as some studies have shown that it damages the actual DNA which can lead to lower sperm count and volume. Male smokers can also have abnormal hormone levels, caused by chemicals in cigarettes. Men who drank 10 or more drinks in the conception and preconception phase are thought to increase their chance of having lower sperm count and motility. So both partners need to cut right back on alcohol consumption when planning a pregnancy.  Many pregnancies don't progress because of the lack of motility and quality found in the male sperm, and as you get older this will become more of a problem.


Giving your sperm a chance

Male fertility decline is much more common after the age of 40 and there are many reasons why this might happen. Any illness including infections can affect the quality of the sperm. Medications which are more common after the age of 40 can also affect sperm quality, some antifungal medications and ulcer drugs can lead to fertility decline. Decreased sperm motility, decreased sperm size, and shape and volume occur after the age of 40. Even causing a mild decrease in seminal volume, but male fertility generally declines much more slowly than female fertility.

Because both women and men are waiting longer to have their first child it is not unusual for both to be over 40 years old, this is a worldwide trend and the delay can have an impact on their ability to have a healthy baby. This makes products that support male fertility like Creation For Men all the more important. 

Creation for Men by Viva Nutra is a pure herbal treatment with ingredients that have been thoroughly researched. Men taking this product may notice a boost in volume and sperm count which occurs after the first month using the product.

Mentioned fertility issues, it would be a good idea to commence this product at least 3-4 months before planned conception as this will give the aging sperm every opportunity to create a healthy baby.



Couples can now extend their fertility way beyond what was once considered normal and still be having babies at 50 in some cases. Companies like VivaNutra put so much work into their products, and couples over 40 need all the help they can get to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy right through until birth.