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About Us

Viva Nutra offers you the best of our brand in each product, and a little more extra - a genuine care. We want to be your friend who you can count on.

We want nothing else but healthy goodness in every single bottle that we produce. We work very hard to come out with the finest raw materials, suppliers, laboratory, and manufacturing standards. All our products are consistently produced and controlled according to high quality standards and in conformance to FDA’s verified good manufacturing practices known as GMP. 

We thoroughly test and screen every single product. Each raw material undergoes keen scientific laboratory analysis and is a subject to a high level testing and screening accompanied by a CoA, Certificate of Analysis.

We offer you products that meet or exceed nutraceutical and food grade requirements. We keep all our products pure, fresh and stable through climate controlled facilities. Each ingredient is safe with designated food grading. 

Since 1999, our manufacturing partners have been consistently producing world-class quality products. We work only with natural explorers who see the good in nature, bringing out the finest, purest, and most effective research-backed formulations. 

Just like any true friend, we want to stand out with our transparency, integrity, and honesty. No false promises, only genuine care and a strong desire to be of service. We list every single ingredient that our products have so that you can know exactly what you are consuming. At Viva Nutra our true priority and mission are to help you to break out of the cocoon and to find your new health! Welcome to our acquaintance!