About Us

Viva Nutra isn't a large corporation or a big brand, I am just an ordinary stay at home mom from a small town in Orange County. As someone who used to be overweight in the past, I know first hand how hard and discouraging it can get to lose weight. I also was tired of all overpriced and low-quality products that flooded the market and that absolutely don’t do anything. But the real tipping point for me was when I got sick of all the sellers who just wanted to sell me the dream and walk off, leaving me feeling robbed. This exactly why I decided to do something about it, to break the cliché, to do things differently and to have a real impact!

To make my own product, I teamed up with the industry leaders, who have been consistently producing world-class quality products since 1999. Natural explorers, who passionate about the healthful ingredients found in nature and committed to finding the purest and effective combinations backed through research. Together, we are able to bring pure and natural products to the market that are backed by science.

 Weight loss was a true life changing experience that allowed me to feel more confident, more healthy, be more productive and just happier! Thus, I wanted this brand to symbolize transformation, change, and new life. And this is exactly how the name Viva Nutra was born, from the combination of Viva and Nutra mixed together. So if you are sick of old ways, ready to step up and to say “enough”, then its time to break out of the cocoon and transform your health.



At Viva Nutra, we stay committed to our core values quality, transparency and honesty.

Quality – We take pride in each item made, providing the highest quality products in nutrition and health supplements. To get the highest quality raw materials, my team source them from around the world and put them to scientific lab analysis and testing. We NEVER use synthetic chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors, dairy, soy, corn, yeast, sugar, gluten, GMO, wheat, eggs or nuts. We only use FDA approved and GMP compliant manufacturing facility in US.

Transparency – With so many dietary supplements on the market, I insist on differentiating myself with exceptional transparency and honesty. I list every single active and non-active ingredient and never do false or misleading advertising. My main goal is to be of service and I will go above and beyond to make sure that you get the results that you want. If not, I will return 100% of your money as I don’t believe that I earned it, this is the policy I live by.

Honesty - We are honest about our supplements, and that they won't work unless you do. This is not a magical pill by any means that will make all the fat disappear overnight without any effort. However, with a healthy diet, an active lifestyle and your genuine effort, Viva Nutra can take your weight loss journey to the next level!